Monday 21 May 2012

Habits of Truly Memorable People

1. Don't see. Do:
    Spend your life doing instead of watching. Cool things will happen. Cool things are a lot more interesting and a lot more memorable.

2. Do something unusual:
  • We like to think we're unique, so occasionally do something different. Whatever you do, the less productive and sensible it is, the better. Your goal isn't to accomplish something worthwhile; the goal is to collect experiences.
  • Experiences, especially unusual experiences, make your life a lot richer and way more interesting
3. Embark on a worthless mission.
  •     You're incredibly focused, consistently on point, and relentlessly efficient. You're also really, really boring.
  •     Pick something it doesn't make sense to do a certain way and do it that way. You'll remember it forever—and so will other people.
4. Embrace a cause.
    People care about—and remember—people who care.

5. Let other people spread the word.
  •     People who brag are not remembered for what they've done; they're remembered for the fact they brag.
  •     Do good things and other people will find out. The less you say, the more people remember.
6. Get over yourself.
  •     Stop trying to seem perfect. Accept your faults. Make mistakes. Hang yourself out there. Try and fail.
  •     Then be gracious when you fail.
  •     When you do, people will definitely remember you because people who are willing to fail are rare... and because people who display grace and humility, especially in the face of defeat, are incredibly rare.

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