Monday 12 November 2012

What's New - Oracle Solaris 11

Key features in Oracle Solaris 11.

1. Virtualize everything.
- Extremely fast with no overhead over performance, zones can be used as an boundary for Solaris and other applications.
- Perfect OS for clouds environments, Virtualize all the data center topology into single oracle system with built-in flow control, you control the usage of the network(Network virtulization).

2. Benefit from integration inside and out.
- Optimized for oracle hardware and software.
- Foundation for public, private clouds environments.
- ZFS: heart of OS. 
- Technologies like IPS, live upgrade, boot environment, SMF, Zones are perfectly integrated.

3. Designed for rapid deployment.
- Automated installer is a new tool to deploy rapidly Solaris into bare-metal systems or zones or clouds in Data    Center with automatic installers in Solaris 11.
- IPS is the new packaging system that allows fast dependable and system updates.
- ZFS cloning, trapshooting, zoning zones can be extremely and rapidly created and deployed.

4. Enjoy your weekend with planned downtime.
Allows dramatic reduction of downtime with below features:
- IPS.
- ZFS root.
- Boot environments.
- Built-in safety with fall back options.
- Zones mobility.
- Fast reboots.
- SMF.

5. Extreme availability
- Solaris 11 is available across single system or multi-systems.
- key tech like FMA + SMF = predictive self healing of the system, medicating hardware and software before any chance of effecting application up-time.
- For multi-site disaster recovery, "Oracle Solaris cluster" protects both physical and virtual instances.

6. Oracle Solaris 11 technologies:
- Cryptographic framework.
- ZFS encryption.
- Privileges RBAC.
- Root as a Role.
- Zones.
- Read only zones root.
- Ipfilter.
- IPsec.
- Kerberos.
- Trusted extensions.
- Auditing key management.
- Trusted platforms module.
- Oracle software security assurance.

7. Manage OS:
- Manage with software updates with IPS(Image Packaging System).
- Manage with software dependencies with SMF.
- Manage with hardware dependencies with FMA.
- Manage your data easily with ZFS.
- Manage you entire OS with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Hope you had knows some, few features in Oracle Solaris 11, lot can be found from