Sunday 10 January 2016

Security updates and installation using YUM - RHEL 5/6/7

Hello All, 

I had come across a situation where I wanted to check, verify and update the security on the different releases of RHEL, since I was not able to find all at one place. I thought of putting across all at one place. I thought of keeping all at once place helps and so sharing in public !
Operating systems
Explanation on security updates on RHELRHEL 5RHEL 6RHEL 7
yum could install the security updates
using the plugin yum-security
yum install yum-securityyum install yum-plugin-securityNo plugin required as it is
already part of yum
list all available errata without installingyum list-secyum updateinfo list available
list all available security updates without
yum list-security --securityyum updateinfo list security all
yum updateinfo list sec
list of currently installed security updatesyum list-secyum updateinfo list security installed
list all security update with verbose descriptionsyum list-sec
apply all security updates from RHNyum -y update --security
updates based on CVE referenceyum update --cve <CVE>
view available advisories by severityyum updateinfo list
more detailed information about
advisory before applying
yum updateinfo RHSA-2015:XXXX
apply only one specific advisoryyum update --advisory=RHSA 2015:XXXX
More information could be found atman yum-security

First post in year 2016, wishing all of you - HAPPY NEW YEAR :)


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